Sigurd’s prominence in Fire Emblem Engage is wasted without a genealogy relaunch

Sigurd’s role as one of the first and most prominent emblems in Fire Emblem Engage may seem strange, but it could indicate that a new version is in the works.

The inclusion of legacy characters as Emblems in Fire Emblem Engage It’s been a great way to introduce players to a variety of past characters from the series. While familiar characters like Marth and Celica are shown early in the game, another emblem with early meaning that Fire Emblem Engage Players may not be as familiar with Sigurd. Originating from Japan exclusive title Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy WarSigurd is an odd choice to play such a prominent role so soon, unless there’s a remake of his original game in the near future.


While some players may have come to know fire emblem Sigurd via mobile title fire emblem heroes, his character is much less impactful without knowing the story of his original game. Sigurd is a mounted Knight Lord in his local game, but appears as the Crest of the Holy War that awakens from the Holy Knight’s Ring in Fire Emblem Engage. He has a unique and tragic backstory told through Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War it would be worth playing to get a better understanding of his character’s chivalry should it ever be released outside of Japan.

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Fire Emblem Engage puts a strange emphasis on Sigurd

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As the second emblem players have access to after Marth, Sigurd packs a lot of narrative weight for a character many players won’t be familiar with. He serves as a boss alongside Queen Lumera, who wields his Holy Knight Ring in Chapter 2 of Fire Emblem Engage as a tutorial on how to fight enemies wielding Emblem Heroes. While more recognizable characters like Lucina, Corrin, or Byleth could have been chosen for this battle, the fact that Sigurd was chosen suggests that there may be a deliberate reason.

This reason could be simple, as Sigurd is a great emblem to pair with the noble Prince Alfred, a mounted unit that joins the party in the next chapter. Following the events of Fire Emblem Engage‘s Chapter 3, players will receive Sigurd’s ring for their own use, conveniently timed with Alfred’s acquisition. While it’s clear the game intends for players to equip Alfred with Sigurd’s ring given the bonuses it provides for a mounted unit, Sigurd also comments on the parallels between his and Lumera’s position with his children, Seliph and Alear.

Sigurd’s role in Fire Emblem Engage could mean a remake

Fire Emblem Engage Sigurd

Recent rumors suggest that Intelligent Systems could be working on a new version of the original Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy Warsimilar to how Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia brought back fire emblem gaiden. If this is the case, Sigurd’s prominence in Fire Emblem Engage it makes a lot more sense, as they’d probably want to give players a chance to get to know the character before announcing their main adventure. Since players outside of Japan are unable to play the official versions of the original game, a remake may finally be your chance to experience this unique entry into the game. fire emblem saga.

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War follows two generations of soldiers as they fight against the dark Archbishop Manfroy and the evil Emperor Arvis. Sigurd is the protagonist of the first generation of soldiers, with Seliph at the head of the second. The game features a marriage mechanic similar to fire emblem awakening Y fire Emblem Fates, where two units can produce offspring that make up the second generation of soldiers. With Fire Emblem EngageA return to the style of previous entries, a callback to this mechanic through a new version seems like the next logical step for the series.

Fire Emblem Engage is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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