Skyrim fan recreates Riften in Far Cry 5

A Skyrim fan shares screenshots of his interpretation of the city of Riften built using the wide variety of tools found in Far Cry 5’s Arcade mode.

A skyrim fan has decided to recreate the city of Riften using far away 5 Arcade mode, which is often used to do unique things with the level editing tools that Ubisoft made available. Despite far away 6 has been released since far away 5fans of the latter continue to use Arcade mode to create things like the Dampe de ocarina of timea replica of McDonald’s, and now an iconic skyrim location.

A Reddit user has shared several images of his far away 5 Arcade build showing what looks like a new iteration of skyrimit’s Riften. be the home of skyrim‘s Thieves Guild, Riften is one of the cities in the Bethesda RPG that many players flock to early in the game, coveting the final reward of the Master Key. Even though far away 5The open world of Hope County does not provide players with similar guilds, this far away 5 fan continues to celebrate the home of the Thieves Guild using the tools of Arcade mode.


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Reddit user Mojoswoptops2020 has garnered over 7,000 upvotes on his far away 5 post showing his replica of Riften made in Arcade mode. He far away 5 The Arcade mode screenshots show the entrance to the city and the buildings on both sides, the canal that runs through the city and is connected to the Thieves Guild Ratway, and the central vendor area next to The Bee and Barb. As with other cities, Riften is home to a powerful skyrim leader known as a jarl, and the ruler of this city resides in Mistveil Keep, which is pictured in the background of an image next to Riftweald Manor.

for the big skyrimThe city of Riften is, Mojoswoptops2020’s far away 5 The Arcade iteration does not have Thieves Guild or Ratway attached to it, which can still be created in a different save. The right side of the town has snow-capped mountains looming in the background behind the settlement, pointing to Mojoswoptops2020’s attention to detail with the far away 5 Arcade editor. while the far away 5 skyrim The city is similar to others like the one made in Arcade mode by effectively encapsulating the settlement, the lack of NPCs crowding it helps the creation stand out from the original.

Mojoswoptops2020’s Riften is not the first skyrim location created in far away 5 Arcade mode, featuring Riverwood, Western Watchtower, and Breezehome, among other awesome levels shared by fans. Given how many areas of skyrim have not yet been interpreted through far away 5 Arcade and its tools, there are still several places like Helgen, Rorikstead, Solitude, Windhelm, and High Hrothgar that Mojoswoptops2020 or players like them can still look at through the Ubisoft lens.

far away 5 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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