The last season of Pokémon with Ash and Pikachu continues on Netflix on February 24

The second batch of episodes of the latest season will be released next month.

Pokemon fans already know that Ash and Pikachu’s run in the anime will soon be coming to an end. However, the episodes of the couple’s final season currently available in the US are limited. Only 12 episodes are available on Netflix right now, but The Pokemon Company has confirmed that the second batch of episodes will join them on February 24, 2023.

Netflix subscribers in the US can now watch the first 12 episodes of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys. As reported by IGN, a second batch of the total 51 episodes that will make up the series as a whole will be available to stream starting February 24. Pokémon hasn’t revealed how many episodes will be part of that second batch, but I figured it would be another 12.


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That means die-hard Pokemon fans will see events unfold after they’ve heard about them. Beware of any spoilers ahead, but it’s already common knowledge that Ash finally became a Pokemon champion in Ultimate Journeys, as those episodes already aired in Japan. The next batch of episodes could well give English-speaking Pokemon fans a chance to experience that moment now that it’s presumably been dubbed.

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu from Pokemon Anime

It’s also already been revealed that now that Ash has achieved his goal, he and his Pikachu will be saying goodbye to the anime. That emotional moment has yet to air in Japan, so it won’t be part of the next series of episodes to be released on Netflix, but a trailer for a special series finale of episodes confirmed that the iconic duo is preparing to say goodbye.

Among the moments already revealed for Ash and Pikachu’s final run are the return of Brock and Misty, a remastered version of the original theme, and an emotional reunion with Butterfree, the trainer released in season one. The bad news is that we are all going to cry, a lot. The good news is that those of us outside of Japan have to wait a bit longer until we are forced to say goodbye.

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