Twitter for the web gets a major timeline feature ahead of Android and iOS

Twitter for the web is getting really useful timeline function ahead of Android and iOS. Sounds mysterious? Well let me explain real quick. From now on, Twitter for the web will remember your default Timeline settings.

Twitter for the web gets a major timeline feature before mobile apps

In other words, if you set the ‘Following’ timeline tab as the default, that’s what you’ll get every time you open Twitter for the web. Why do we say multiplatform? Well, if you set this option on Android or iOS, Twitter for the web will remember it.

As some of you may remember, Elon Musk announced that this will happen recently. We expected the feature to roll out to mobile apps first, but that didn’t happen. Twitter for web is the first to get this feature

However, both Android and iOS are expected to follow soon. For now, however, both Android and iOS apps will default to the “For You” tab. Every time the app is closed, you will be returned to the “For You” tab. So keep it multitasking until this change is implemented, if you want to stick to the ‘Next’ timeline.

What is the difference between the two? Well, the ‘For You’ tab will show you the algorithmic view, basically. It will suggest tweets that it thinks you’ll be interested in, including tweets from people you follow.

Many people prefer the ‘Next’ timeline, for good reason

The ‘Following’ timeline, on the other hand, will show you chronological tweets from the people you follow. That’s the view many people prefer, as they never miss the things they really want to read about and the people/companies they want to interact with.

Twitter is constantly getting a ton of new features. Soon you will be able to translate tweets from other languages, automatically, and start suggesting them via the ‘For You’ timeline. We will also be able to rearrange the timeline tabs very soon.

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