Twitter for web gets default timeline, iOS and Android to follow

Twitter recently introduced a new default interface called the ‘For You’ tab on iOS, which was also rolled out to Android later on. However, they have announced that the web version will now default to the last timeline you were using, making the ‘For You’ algorithmic timeline less frequent.

Twitter announced an update that, via support tweet, reintroduces a previously available feature, allowing users to choose between different versions of their timeline.

This update is particularly useful for those who frequently switch between the “For You” and “Following” tabs, as it now remembers the last tab the user was in, making for a smoother experience.

However, this change may not appeal as much to users who prefer to have a set timeline and not frequently switch between different views. Twitter’s latest update should bring relief to users who prefer not to use the algorithmic timeline. The feature is also expected to roll out to iOS and Android soon.

Twitter has recently implemented new developer rules that prohibit the use of third-party clients. Additionally, CEO Elon Musk has announced plans to offer a subscription-based service without ads, as he believes the current amount of ads on the platform is excessive. He also mentioned that steps will be taken to address this in the coming weeks.

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