Twitter reverses ‘For You’ algorithmic timeline, returns original timeline

Elon Musk’s Twitter is finally getting the message.

The microblogging platform recently backtracked on its “For You” algorithmic timeline after two weeks and public backlash against its implementation across all platforms, though there’s a catch.

Twitter previously set its “For You” algorithmic timeline as the default for iOS users in mid-January, much to the public’s disapproval and anger.

Twitter reverses ‘For You’ timeline

Twitter support account recently tweeted which is updating your web and mobile apps by default to the timeline tab you last opened before you closed the platform.

This change means that while the “For You” tab still exists on Twitter’s website and mobile apps, it will no longer be the default timeline for most, if not all of its users, as they now have a way to hide the platform’s algorithmic timeline.

This change also brings back the convenience of following time-sensitive events without toggling between the algorithmic timeline and the preferred chronological timeline.

Unfortunately, there is a catch: Twitter mentioned that it will implement this change on its web version first, while its mobile app for iOS and Android will have to wait for it to arrive soon.

Also, the old “blink” or “flashes” button won’t be back anytime soon, according to Engadget.

Twitter’s “For You” algorithmic timeline may be part of its efforts to compete against TikTok, and the feature bears similarities to TikTok’s “Home” tab.

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Unfortunately, many of the Twitter users did not take the news well. The comments section of the tweet the company used to announce the change was bombarded with questions about the company adding an option to hide its timeline “for yourself” or remove it entirely.

More unfortunate is that Musk’s Twitter repeated the same mistake that old Twitter made in 2016. You may remember that. Twitter already tried to implement this on February 10, 2016, to fight Instagram’s supremacy in the social media market.

Like the recent attempt, Twitter users were not happy with the changes the company made, criticizing the company and calling on Twitter to go back to its traditional chronological timeline.

Twitter finally conceded and brought back their chronological timeline, saying that their goal with the algorithmic timeline is to find a balance between the most recent tweets and the best tweets that are likely to interest them in their timeline.

Reception of Twitter users to the news

Twitter users are grateful for the change, with many extending words of appreciation to the company.

However, not everyone is happy with the change. Many, like @g-slowen758 Y @AirlineFlyerThey are asking Twitter to bring back the “Sparkle” button and put the “For You” and “Following” tabs there or to remove the “For You” tab altogether.

Many are still appalled at Twitter for changing tabs in the first place, with @someonewriting saying that Twitter shouldn’t act like it’s giving anything to its users, since it only fixed what it broke earlier this month.

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