What is the Netflix movie Narvik about? (Plot from the Narvik movie)

When it comes to Netflix war movies, most of the attention is currently focused on the German adaptation of the classic anti-war novel. All calm on the west front. The acclaimed film has received nine nominations at the 95th Academy Awards, including a Best Picture nomination. But another war movie is now making waves on Netflix: the Norwegian WWII drama. narvikwhich is currently ranked #1 in the Top 10.

Narvik follows the Tofte family, specifically a soldier who returns home from the Battles of Narvik in 1940 to discover a shocking secret involving his wife. The film is based on the actual battle that occurred in 1940 and is considered the first military defeat of Nazi Germany.

Posted on January 23 narvik seemingly came out of nowhere to take the Netflix Top 10 by storm. Now everyone can talk about this emotionally resonant new movie. This is what you need to know about the movie.

Narvik Movie Plot: What is Narvik about?

The Battle of Narvik was fought from April 9 to June 8, 1940 and took place in the Norwegian city of Narvik, as the title suggests.

Although it was considered Hitler’s first real defeat, the victory did not last long before Hitler regrouped and invaded France, eventually leading the French to withdraw from Norway and let the Norwegian troops stop fighting. Still, the Battle of Narvik is considered the largest battle ever fought on Norwegian soil.

In the film, viewers can see the civilian and military perspectives of the battle. Focusing on a specific family allows the story to create a grounded and intimate saga.

Is Narvik based on a true story?

Yes, Narvik is a historical fiction film, but it is based on the actual battle that happened in 1940 in Norway. However, the Tofte family at the center of the story is not based on any real person, although there were many similar families that experienced what the Toftes did during that time.

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