What kind of content do the 10 most popular streamers make on Twitch? | video games | Spain | Mexico | United States | TECHNOLOGY

The video streaming platform twitch –specialized in video games– has become so popular that there are already several streamers worldwide who are succeeding. Today we are going to see what topics their top 10 content creators touch on.

The compilation was originally made by the Genbeta technology portal using the TwitchTracker tool to obtain the approximate number of subscribers for each streamer. So let’s go with the ranking.

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one. HasanAbi. A US resident, he currently tops the list with the most subscribers. He introduces himself as a political commentator who deals with various topics on his streams. In addition, he broadcasts different very famous games such as GTA V, Fortnite, Rust or Valorant.

2. xQc. He was a former professional Overwatch player who won different awards worldwide. To this day he continues to broadcast Overwatch, but also many other games such as Minecraft, GTA V, Among Us or Counter.

3. NICKMERCS. Known for having a record for Fortnite kills, he mostly broadcasts competitive shooters like, clearly, Fortnite, APEX Legends, or Warzone.

four Eliasn97. He is the biggest streamer of the Germanic language. He reacts to different YouTube and TikTok videos, as well as spending a lot of time chatting with him. Also, in the field of video games he is focused on FIFA, Minecraft and Fortnite.

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5. dna ross. This streamer mainly focuses on talking to his chat and reacting to other content, although he also spends part of his time on NBA2K and GTA V. He is a controversial character, he has a particular history of being banned for different reasons.

6. IlloJuan. Along with Ibai, he is one of the most important Spanish-speaking content creators. He stands out for betting on video games that are not so popular and that, many times, can become obsolete.

Ibai Llanos is one of the most popular streamers on the platform. (Photo: Ibai)

7. I was going. This streamer is undoubtedly a milestone in Twitch history. It currently holds the record for simultaneous viewers with its major events, where La Velada del Año stands out especially. In addition, he is characterized by playing Minecraft, conducting interviews with celebrities, and being one of the owners of the KOI team in League of Legends.

8. GAULES. He stands out as a member of the Portuguese community who has achieved great success after being a professional Counter Strike player. The main content on his channel, with more than 28,000 broadcast hours, is CS followed by Among US and WAR.

9. JAHREIN. Streamer from Turkey. Its content focuses on real life and reactions to different Turkish shows, which are like soap operas. Undoubtedly a very curious case.

10 tumblr He is the most watched streamer in Italy. Reacts to other content, usually trying to be humorous.

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