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Meta’s instant messaging platform WhatsApp has been seen working on some new features that will be introduced in future updates. The first update focuses on providing three ways through which any contact can be instantly blocked. While the second feature is for macOS users.

Getting started with the new shortcut features. WhatsApp aims to provide a safe environment for users. For this reason, the app makes sure that users do not receive spam messages from others or messages from unknown numbers. To help its community deal with such conditions, Whatsapp developers have added two additional ways through which anyone can be restricted.

While everyone is already familiar with the lock option that can be accessed through the chat preview, this feature is only available for an individual chat and cannot be used within a group. The second way is through the options that are accessed through the chat options. From here, users don’t have to go all the way down in the chat preview. And the third way to do that is through the red option that becomes visible whenever someone who is not in contact sends that person a message.

Whenever these options are selected, the application will ask the user if they also want to report any messages they received from that number that caused them to be blocked. If the reported texts are found to be against the community guidelines, then that account will be banned.

According to WBI, the beta version has already been released for several iOS users and can be used by downloading it from the TestFlight app.

Moving on to macOS users, a few months ago WhatsApp announced that the company was working on a new Mac app, an app built with Catalyst.

The main idea behind it was to offer all the options that iOS users have access to. Initially, the app could only be downloaded from the TestFlight app, but now the company has made it accessible from its site, reports WBI. As a result, the beta version can be used by a large audience. Once downloaded, the app can be connected by scanning the code from the mobile phone app.

However, what should be noted is that the app is still in its beta phase, which means that some features will not be accessible and it will take some time before access to those features is granted. Users will also receive a note asking for feedback and their experience with the app.

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