Where to find the bodies in contract: Patrol Gone Missing in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If I had one coin every time a Nilfgaardian hires Geralt to kill a flying monster, I would have two coins.

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  • Initial Contract: Missing Patrol

When an invading army crosses the border into an opposing nation, they tend to fight with things that the locals have long adapted to. Factors such as weather and terrain are common examples. the witcher 3 enter something else to track; monsters Nilfgaardians are notoriously bad at dealing with.

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Geralt can be hired to find out the fate of a missing patrol if he were to visit their camp southeast of Velen. Without the manpower or resources to spare for a search, the Quartermaster contracts for this patrol, with the promise of compensation to the man who finds them.


Initial Contract: Missing Patrol

A screenshot of Geralt talking to a Nilfgaardian quartermaster, with the dialogue options visible.

you will have to travel far southeast of Velen to collect this contract. The posters are posted on a notice board inside the camp. pick one up will start the search. Alternatively, you can talk to the mayor and ask for work. he will do it provide this contract.

The quartermaster explains that a patrol had recently left the camp and disappeared. He can’t organize a search, but he can hire local help to investigate. As a warlock, there is no more suitable candidate for the task than Geralt.

picking up the trail

A screenshot of Geralt's warlock senses highlighting a trail of footsteps leading away from a Nilfgaardian encampment

To start the investigation, visit the camp indicated in the search marker. Use your sorcerer senses in the campfire and footprints leaving the camp.

The closest fast travel point is Kimbolt Road.

A screenshot of Geralt picking up a scent while following a trail of footsteps through a forest.

The footprints will bring you In a forest where Geralt will perceive a bad smell. Following it through the woods will bring you the spring, dragonborn musk. Geralt will assume that the enemy is a dragonborn.

Forests have no shortage of wolves and bandits Be on guard for them.

Geralt will find a dead body halfway. Investigating it will change the target to killing the monster in question. Continue following the path to find it.

killing the wyvern

Geralt walks around a wyvern, holding his silver sword and being careful.

The wyvern is a lizard flying monster that use poison to kill its prey. You will have to avoid their claws and poison between attacks. This is not a particularly challenging monster and it lacks movie specials that other contracted monsters can bring.

Wyvern venom can be particularly difficult to treat. You can counteract its effects by using who to block the blow or drinking Golden oriole nullify its effects.

Once you’ve defeated him, loot it for a trophy to complete the contract. At this point, you can return to the quartermaster to complete the contract smoothly. Alternatively, you can investigate the remaining clues In the area.

looking for clues

A screenshot showing Geralt's warlock senses highlighting a path through a narrow pass.

There’s a path leading past the wyvern’s nest, marked with a body. Investigating, Geralt will deduce that bodies are not Nilfgaardian and have been consumed by ghouls, to have been there before the patrol.

You can follow this new path to a cave. filled with more bodies. The blueprint for the Improved Gryphon Silver Sword it is inside, along with evidence that the Nilfgaardians had executed prisoners.

Geralt’s interaction with the quartermaster changes if he discovers the bodies. He he will be furious and will argue with the Nilfgaardian. you can even refuse the reward for killing the wyvern.

investigation of the bodies prevent Geralt from asking the Quartermaster about the missing son in the search The blood ties.

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