Barbarian director’s new horror film Weapons lands on New Line

A heated bidding war lands New Line Cinema what could be barbaric director Zach Creggar’s next hit, a feature-length horror titled Guns.

New Line Cinema lands Barbarian the next horror project from creator Zach Cregger, weaponsafter a heated auction against other favorites like Netflix and Universal.

Cregger’s Barbarian took the horror world by storm in September when the low-budget film landed atop the box office, a rarity for horror movies and emerging films from new directors. Barbarianwhich explores the underworld of Detroit’s decay and gentrification, stars Georgina Campbell and Bill Skarsgard as Airbnb renters who find much more than they bargained for under their rent, including a terrifying decades-long resident known as Mother.


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According to Deadline, the plot of weapons It’s not known yet, but the movie got a lot of competition from other networks and film companies after the success of Barbarian. Cregger chose New Line because of its offer of a guaranteed theatrical release. The film reunites Cregger with his Barbarian production team, which includes Roy Lee, JD Lifshitz, Raphael Margules, and Miri Yoon.

Georgina Campbell as Tess pulling a rope in Barbarian

weaponsdescribed as both scary and suspenseful, it should be a draw for theater audiences after the phenomenal success of Barbarian, which topped the domestic box office in its opening weekend with $10.5 million, more than double its production budget of $4.5 million. Zach tried Barbarian that he can create a visceral theatrical experience for audiences and that he masters every tool in the filmmaker’s tool belt,” said New Line President and Chief Creative Officer Richard Brener. “We couldn’t be happier that he, Roy and Miri and JD and Rafi chose New Line to be the home of their next film and I hope it will be the first of many to come.”

While September launch weekends are typically slower than other parts of the year, BarbarianThe success of proved that horror fans are eager for fresh new horror based on interesting and unexplored stories. Film critics praised Barbarian for exploring themes of urban gentrification, feminism and corporate greed. It was also praised for its slow terror and great performances from Campbell, Skarsgard and Justin Long, who plays the morally ambiguous Hollywood owner of the Detroit property facing sexual assault charges.

Barbarian has been more successful after its streaming release just before Halloween, earning around $45 million worldwide, a hit for low-budget horror. weaponswith Cregger leading the way and so many interested in Hollywood, it bodes well for another hit in the horror genre.

Barbarian is available on Hulu in the US and Disney Plus in Canada.

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