Biometric Payment Cards Launched by G+D, Demonstrated by STMicroelectronics

Giesecke+Devrient’s new biometric payment card has been launched under the ‘Convego YOU’ brand.

Benefits for issuers include an attractive new offering for high-value customers, a pleasant user experience, inherently secure authentication, robust onboarding and G+D’s extensive experience as a partner, according to a company announcement.

Activation is done with a mobile phone case or app on Android or iOS.

The biometric cards are produced by hot lamination and their secure element is EMV and CC certified, says G+D.

G+D partners on Convego YOU ​​cards are NXP Semiconductors and Linxens. The three partners are behind the biometric payment card originally tested by Crédit Agricole in 2019, for which Fingerprint Cards supplied the sensor.

A G+D advertisement shows the use of the cards for retail, travel and hospitality payments.

“With the advancement of biometric technologies, banks can now offer an advanced card that uniquely recognizes its owner each time you make a payment – ​​a card that knows YOU,” says Vice President and Global Head of Products at G+D card, Mikko Kähkönen.

G+D has previously launched other products, including a secure remote identification solution, under the Convego brand.

The company is also part of the E-Kart joint venture, which partnered with Idex Biometrics last year to offer biometric payment cards in Eastern Europe.

The ST card also features fingerprint cards and Linxens technology

STMicroelectronics says its preparations to bring its biometric payment cards to market are progressing, Payment Navi reports, as translated from Japanese by Google.

The company will showcase its STPay-Topaz-Bio biometric system-on-card (BSoC) at Trustech 2022 in November and December, along with the ST25R3916B-AQWT and ST25R3917B-AQWT NFC read/write ICs.

The cards demonstrated were built with fingerprint card sensors in a pre-laminated inlay and an EMV module from Linxens.

The company also revealed a partnership with Ellipse on dynamic CVVs to enable security code changes.

STMicro’s technology is certified to NFC Forum CR13, as well as EMVCo 3.1a.

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