How to add a stop in Apple Maps

If you’re heading out on an expedition with your iPhone instead of a single destination, you can save yourself some trouble by adding extra stops in Apple Maps before you hit the road. That’s how.


Once you’ve chosen a final destination in Apple Maps, just tap add stop in the Addresses panel, enter an address and repeat for each midpoint. You can drag and drop stops to reorder your route. When you are ready, touch one of the Go buttons to start.

How to Add a Stop to Your Apple Maps Trip

Believe it or not, multi-stop navigation was only introduced in September 2022 along with iOS 16. Follow these steps:

  • From the Apple Maps home screen, enter a final destination in the search maps or touch a suggestion from Favorites, Recent, or Siri.
  • Tap on the navigation buttonwhich is usually a car if that is your preferred method of travel.
  • When the Directions panel appears, touch add stop.
  • Enter the address of a mid-trip destination.
  • Repeat the Add Stop step as many times as necessary, up to a limit of 15.
  • Back in the Directions panel, drag and drop the “controls” (triple line icons) to the right to reorder each stop.
  • As needed, use the dropdown menus to change your mode of transportation and add any route filters (Avoid tolls and/or Avoid highways, if you’re driving).
  • To remove a stop, swipe left, and tap Remove.
  • When you’re ready to ride, tap on one of the green Go next to a suggested route.

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