How to Get All Moonlight Burrow Cosmetic Rewards

dead by daylight is celebrating Lunar New Year by hosting the Moonlight Burrow event, during which participants can earn up to ten free cosmetic rewards for their account. These exclusive rewards include the Moon Rabbit Amulet, Trickster Head, Oni Weapon, and Yun-Jin Lee’s Legs. So, if players want to unlock any of these fancy-looking cosmetics to spice up their appearance, they’ll need to take part in the Moonlight Burrow. The event uses the Bid system, seen in past events for dead by daylight. However, newcomers to the game may need some clarification on how Offerings for Moonlight Burrow work.

Unlock all Moonlight Burrow cosmetic rewards in Dead By Daylight

to get each Moonlight Burrow Cosmetic Reward in dead by daylight, players must unlock and use Red Envelope Offerings. This Offering can be acquired by leveling up the character through the Bloodweb. After spending blood points to obtain a red envelope, players must equip it to the offering slot on their loadout before entering a trial.


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According to dead by daylight content creator DStrike, players who have their Red Envelope equipped must activate Offerings after entering a Trial. An audible and visual cue will activate, allowing both Survivors and Killers to see where the red envelope is. If they interact with the owners’ packs, they will receive a small amount of Bloodpoints. On the other hand, those who had the Red Envelope equipped as an Offering will receive a cosmetic reward from Moonlight Burrow upon completing the Trial in dead by daylight.

It should be noted that winning or losing a Trial does not affect whether the owner of a Red Envelope Offer receives their Moonlight Burrow cosmetic reward in dead by daylight. As long as a player has interacted with your pack, they are guaranteed to receive their cosmetic item at the end of the game. In addition, the owner will receive a sum of Bloodpoints along with his item. Once all ten cosmetics have been unlocked, players can continue to participate in the Moonlight Burrow minigame to farm blood points for the Bloodweb breakthrough.

dead by daylight is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X|S, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

Source: Youtube/DStrike

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