How to Get Flinx Skin in Terraria

Flinx Fur is a craft material in terrariums which adventurers must acquire to make the Flinx Fur Coat, the Flinx Staff, and the Deer Thing, which summons Deerclops from don’t starve. The Flinx Fur Coat is an excellent piece for summoner builds, as it increases the maximum number of summonable Minions by 1+ and bolsters Minion damage by 5%. The Flinx Staff is capable of summoning an invincible Flinx Minion that will fight enemies alongside its summoner. As for the Deer Thing, players will need a Demon Altar or Crimson Altar to craft the boss summon consumable with flinx fur.

Farming Flinx Skins in Terraria

To get the Flinx fur Crafting material in terrariums, players must find and kill a hostile creature known as the Snow Flinx. The Snow Flinx inhabits cold regions, specifically the Ice Biome, also known as the Underground Snow Biome. This Biome spawns below the Snow Biome, starting at the Cavern Layer and ending at the Lava Layer.


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According to YouTuber Golden Routesone of the best ways to efficiently acquire Flinx Fur in terrariums is by building a simple Snow Flinx. While the structural methods and shapes will vary by player, the core idea is to make three or more extended rows of stone platforms within the ice biome. Players should then move away from these stacked rows of stone to ensure that the Snow Flinx has enough room to spawn. If the player character is too close to the “farm”, the enemy mob will not appear as often. Ideally, the place where players sit and wait for a Snow Flinx to spawn should be blocked from other paths and protected from other enemy mobs.

To increase the speed at which Snow Flinxes spawn, players can create and consume Battle Potions, which are made by combining Bottled Water and Deathweed with Rotten Chunk or Vertebra. The preparation procedure can be done efficiently with an alchemy table. Additionally, Water Candles can also be placed around the Snow Flinx farm to further increase the mob spawn rate. Water Candles are made with Candles or Platinum Candles and a Crystal Ball. With these spawn rate boosters and a properly designed Snow Flinx farm, terrariums players should have no problem getting the Flinx Fur they need for crafting.

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Source: Youtube/Golden Routes

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