How to get relay tickets and where to use them

Broadcast Tickets are required to access one of Fire Emblem Engage’s Trial Tower challenges, the Broadcast Trial, so here’s how to get them.

Fire Emblem Engage it has plenty of optional content for players to partake in, including the Tower of Trials, which sits ominously at the southern end of the Somniel. This Tower allows players to participate in several different challenge maps to earn additional rewards.

One of those challenges in Fire Emblem Engage is the tag team event, which allows players to participate in a cooperative tag team battle, handing over command to another player after a set number of turns and trying to achieve victory.


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How to get relay tickets

somniel key art sky island

In order for players to obtain Relay Tickets, they simply need to progress through the main story until the Tower of Trials is unlocked. At this point, players will receive their first relay ticket instantly and with little fanfare. From now on, players will receive a Relay Ticket each real world day when they visit the Somniel.

In the event that visiting the Somniel doesn’t seem to award a ticket and it’s definitely been 24 hours since the last one, players should head to the Trial Tower and select Relay Trial. After exiting the Tower, this should cause the game to re-verify and provide the ticket.

How to use relay tickets

The Tower of Trials menu in Fire Emblem Engage

Relay Tickets currently only have one use in the game, which is to gain access to a certain challenge in the Tower of Trials. While the Tempest Trial and Outrealm Trial do not require tickets to play and are freely accessible, the Relay Trial requires players to spend relay tickets in order to participate, and is therefore limited by the number of tickets the player owns.

In a relay event, players engage in battle for a set number of turns before passing the reins to another player who does the same, and the chain continues until the battle is won. Somewhat similar to a relay race, this challenge requires players to work together to succeed and offers great rewards upon completion. Once a player’s part of the relay trial is over, they can leave the Trial Tower and continue other activities, coming back later to see if they won the battle and claim their rewards.

Relay Trials can be a great and rather unconventional means of collecting additional resources and items, and they’re also quite an unusual but fun challenge, so it’s worth gathering some Relay Tickets and trying them out.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for Nintendo Switch.

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