How to update your Apple HomePod and HomePod Mini

This guide is designed to show you how to update your Apple HomePod and HomePod Mini manually, this is something that can be done when Apple releases a new update.

Apple’s HomePod is designed to update itself automatically if you have this feature turned on, although this may take some time after the software update has been released. If you want to update your device faster, you can perform a manual update on the device.

How do you manually update HomePod?

Make sure your iPhone or iPad is updated to the latest versions of Apple’s iOS or iPadOS. The latest versions at the time of writing this guide are iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3.

This works on both HomePod and HomePod Mini, you’ll need to open the launcher app on your iPhone or iPad.

Now go to the top right corner and select the More button, this is a circle with three dots in the middle.

Now select startup settings from the menu and you will access the main settings menu in the Home app on your device.

Scroll down until you see Software Update and select Software updateYour Home app will now check for available updates for your device.

If an update is available, select Installand the latest software update will be installed on your HomePod and HomePod Mini. If you have multiple devices, it will install on all of them.

That’s a pretty simple and easy way to get the latest HomePod software on your device before it downloads automatically. You can find more details about this on the Apple website.

When your HomePod is updating, it will show a rotating white light at the top of the device, which will disappear when the update is complete.

How do you check which HomePod software you’re running?

If you want to check which version of Apple’s HomePod software you’re running on your HomePod or HomePod Mini, you can do so from the House app on your device.

Open the launcher app on your iPhone or iPad, then select the HomePod you want to check the software version on.

Click on that HomePod and select the settings icon at the bottom, it looks like a gear or a cog, now scroll down Scroll down and you’ll see what version of HomePod software your device is on.


This guide is designed to help you easily check what version of the HomePod software your device is on and also to easily update your device. The guide was written using iOS 16.3 software on iPhone and HomePod 16.3 software. These are the latest versions at the time of writing this article. If you have any comments or questions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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