How to use the red envelope in the DBD Moonlight Burrow event

Players need to understand how red envelopes work to get the free cosmetic rewards during the Moonlight Burrow event in dead by daylight. Traditionally, red envelopes in the real world are filled with money and given to friends and family to symbolize wishes for good luck in the new year. In addition, dead by daylight players must acquire Red Envelopes in their Blood web with blood dots and give them to other players in Game Trials. When a Survivor or Killer opens a red envelope, they will receive Bloodpoints. Conversely, the one who initially purchased and placed the red envelope in the match will be rewarded with Bloodpoints and a Moonlight Burrow event cosmetic.

Use of red envelopes in the Moonlight Burrow event

red envelopes in the Moonlight Burrow Event will normally cost 2000 blood points each in dead by daylight. After purchasing one from Bloodweb, players must examine their gear and move the red envelope from their inventory to the offer slot before entering a match.


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Once players have entered an instanced trial during the Moonlight Burrow event, their red envelope will be marked on their HUD in dead by daylight. All they need to do afterwards is wait for another player to come and interact with their offer to receive blood points and a cosmetic reward after the match. Both Survivors and Killers can interact with their Red Envelopes, so there’s no need to force teammates to quickly activate their Offering.

Additionally, a visual and audible cue will go off when players reveal their red envelope on the map, so no communication is required about where their offer has been placed. As noted by YouTuber DStrike, it doesn’t matter if a Survivor dies or escapes a Trial. They will receive their rewards after the match whenever another player interacts with their red envelope. Likewise, Assassins do not need to win the Trial to receive their reward, as the same conditions apply regarding the Offering of the Red Envelope. The main goal of the Moonlight Burrow event is to participate. Those who spend their hard-earned blood points to purchase red packs will receive cosmetics and more blood points, while those who help pack owners in this endeavor will receive blood points for their support.

dead by daylight is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X|S, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

Source: Youtube/DStrike

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