I Played That $2,000 Steam Game, And Its Ridiculous Price Is Probably The Best

This continues for eight minutes. (Image credit: ProX)

A game called The Hidden and Unknown (opens in a new tab) released on Steam this week with an absurd price tag of $1,999.90. The twist is that the self-published game is deliberately shorter than two hours, meaning it can be finished without exceeding Steam’s game time limit for no-questions-asked refunds. However, if you don’t have two grand to temporarily spend on this game, don’t worry: I’ve played it and you’re not missing a thing.

The creator of Hidden and Unknown calls himself ThePro, and earlier this week he told TheGamer (opens in a new tab) that the high price reflects the value of the semi-autobiographical visual novel to them. They encouraged anyone who can’t afford the game to refund it or simply refrain from buying it.

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