iOS 16.3 fixes CarPlay bug with Siri and Find My

Since iOS 16, users using CarPlay have noticed a few bugs, including one related to Siri and Apple’s Find My feature. As it turns out, the bug was still present with the iOS 16.1 and iOS 16.2 updates. But what is necessary has finally been done with iOS 16.3, available for a few days.

Until now, it was no longer possible to ask Siri to locate a person via CarPlay. The voice assistant responded that he couldn’t perform that task while driving, although it worked normally with iOS 15. This is where iOS 16.3 comes in to restore the correct behavior.

In its notes for iOS 16.3, Apple only states: “Fixed issues that could cause questions asked to Siri in CarPlay to be misinterpreted”. It’s pretty vague, but users have done tests and noticed that it’s the link function for a person’s location.

So you can drive, have CarPlay active in your car, and use Siri to request someone’s location. The wizard will respond with the location in question. Of course, the person must first agree to share their location with you. It is not possible to suddenly stalk someone in your contacts.

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