Netflix Claims Not Canceling Popular Shows, Rekindling ‘Warrior Nun’ Fanbase

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Netflix subscribers are up in arms again, after the platform claimed it only cancels unpopular shows. A large number of viewers can easily dispute this statement, particularly in the wake of shows like warrior nun Y 1899and they don’t go to bed with Netflix’s latest statement.

Other fancy the properties have much better prospects than those on the Netflix chopping block, and fans look to the future with hope. show how The last of us and the next Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves The movie proves that adaptations can be successful, when approached right, and viewers hope to see many more of their favorites get similar treatment in the future.

Then there are video game contributions to fantasy. The imminent debut of Hogwarts Legacy remains a divisive issue, and some players are finding a solution in abandoned. The wizarding game won’t give you the same Wizarding World experience, but its robust wizarding system could give players the fantasy feel they’re looking for, without the attached JK Rowling implications.

Red Wizards takes center stage in the latest honor among thieves trailer

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a fresh honor among thieves The trailer introduced viewers to Red Wizards, and newcomers are intrigued. The cunning wizards appear to be the main antagonists of the upcoming film, along with their army of the undead, and a closer look at their insidious plan is adding to the hype. honor among thieves to a new level.

abandoned might work to fill that Hogwarts Legacy empty

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A cool and magical game is officially on the market. abandoned released for PlayStation 5 and Windows on January 24, and despite average reviews, gamers are intrigued. The title offers an overpowered magic system that makes gameplay easy, yet addictive, and could be the perfect alternative for magic-minded players hoping to avoid a Hogwarts Legacy buy. Check out our review of the latest release from Luminous Productions.

netflix spit warrior nun‘s face since he affirms that he does not cancel successful programs

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A bold and completely absurd claim by Netflix is ​​drawing the ire of a variety of subscribers, after Ted Sarandos declared that the platform has never canceled a hit show. The huge fan base behind shows like warrior nun they quickly disagreed and dragged Sarandos down in the process.

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