Queen Lumera from Fire Emblem Engage feels a lot like Mikoto from Fates

Both Lumera from Fire Emblem Engage and Mikoto from Fire Emblem Fates play roles in their games that show the bonds between the two.

PLEASE NOTE: This article contains EARLY-GAME spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage Y fire emblem fates. Proceed at your own risk.Fire Emblem Engage continues the series’ tradition of placing the nobility at the forefront of its story, with its protagonists typically being lords. This time, players take on the role of the Divine Dragon, who wakes up after 1000 years of sleep with no memory of his past. Queen Lumera is an important figure who has watched over the Divine Dragon during his sleep; she is the ruler of Lythos and mother of the Divine Dragon. her role in Fire Emblem Engage is very similar to that of Queen Mikoto from fire emblem fatesshowing parallels between the two entries in the series.


Father figures have often played key roles in fire emblem games, be it villains like Garon in fire Emblem Fates, or heroic like Jeralt in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Regardless of their alignment, the fire emblem series has a history of writing tragic parenting stories, and Fire Emblem Engage is no different. Much like Garon’s corruption or Jeralt’s tragic sacrifice, Lumera suffers a harrowing fate similar to that of Queen Mikoto.

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Lumera parallels Mikoto in many ways.


In addition to being the mother of the protagonist in their respective games, Lumera and Mikoto share many common thematic elements along with similar plot elements that highlight the two characters’ parallels. In fire emblem fates, Mikoto is the queen of Hoshido and the second wife of the late King Sumeragi, who died protecting her son Corrin from Nohria soldiers. The player, in the role of Corrin, ends up kidnapped by Nohr and is raised as a member of the Nohrian nobility with King Garon acting as a surrogate father. After learning the truth of his birthright, Corrin returns to Hoshido to meet with his mother, Mikoto, only to have her killed by a hooded assailant during Chapter 5.

Like Queen Mikoto, Lumera is separated from her son for a long period of time. Instead, however, she is able to stay with her son and watch over him during his 1000-year sleep, but despite staying by his side, the Divine Dragon’s memory loss makes reuniting with Lumera as if seeing her for the first time. time. Much like Corrin’s meeting with Mikoto, Lumera’s time with the Divine Dragon is cut short when she too is killed by a cloaked assailant while trying to protect the Crest Rings and her child at the end of Fire Emblem Engagechapter 3.

There are clear commonalities between these and the maternal monarchs, as both were separated from their son for an extended period only to be killed shortly after reuniting with them. The deaths of both signify the inciting incident behind the main plots of the two games and serve as motivation for the respective protagonists to move on, seeking justice for their mothers. While these deaths are tragic early game occurrences, they ultimately serve the primary purpose of driving the story and characters forward. Fire Emblem Engage Y fire emblem fates throughout their heroic missions.

parents in fire emblem They are like Chekhov’s Cannon from the series; if the protagonist has parents present at the beginning of the game, they are likely to be dead by the end. While this method of character development takes many forms throughout the series, the similarities between Lumera and Mikoto specifically are too great not to address. With Fire Emblem Engage‘s on characters inherited through Emblem Heroes, it’s not surprising that its new characters also draw inspiration from the series’ past.

Fire Emblem Engage is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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