Roblox How To Get Lanterns In Adopt Me

In celebration of Lunar New Year, Roblox adopt me features a limited-time event during which players can earn exclusive new pets with a currency known as lanterns. For those unfamiliar with why lanterns are used, they served as a symbolic object in ancient China of people leaving their past behind to welcome the future. Respectively, adopt me wants to commemorate the past year and welcome the new one by allowing players to collect Lanterns in exchange for Pets. Since 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, players can spend Lanterns to unlock the Amami Rabbit, Moon Rabbit, and Water Rabbit.

Win Lanterns in Roblox Adopt Me

There are two main methods of earning Lanterns in roblox adopt me. The first way is by buying Lanterns directly with Robux. The acquisition process is immediate, making this method the fastest way to earn Lanterns. However, those who do not wish to spend Robux or real money for this event currency can use the second method.


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The second way to get Lanterns roblox adopt me is by participating in the event minigame. To enter the minigame, players must wait near the billboard on the main stage and enter the red circle when the time has elapsed. Professional game guides states that this live minigame event will take place every eight minutes in real time. Once the minigame has started, players must compete with other participants to collect as many lanterns on the map as they can. Normal lanterns award a single lantern in currency, while golden lanterns are worth 10 lanterns. Naturally, finding Golden Lanterns should be the goal to maximize the rewards at the end of the run.

However, it can be difficult to get Golden Lanterns when playing populated servers on roblox adopt me. therefore, youtuber kiaraplaysadoptme recommends that players go to a private server to get all the Golden Lanterns without worrying about the competition. However, the main drawback to this strategy is that Golden Lanterns do not spawn on single person servers. Therefore, Kiaraplaysadoptme suggests that players have a friend join or use an alternate account to ensure that valuable Lantern variants always appear on their private server.

Roblox is available for PC, Android, Xbox One and iOS.

Source: Youtube/kiaraplaysadoptme | Professional game guides

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